Christmas Lights: Being Safe This Holiday Season

Christmas light safety tips for Oregon homeowners One of the best things about the holiday season is seeing the great decorations people have in their yards and in their homes. So many people are being amazingly creative with lights and YouTube is a great place to take a look at some of the most fascinating displays. However, when it comes to hanging your own lights, being safe while doing so can make the difference between a great holiday season and one that’s spent at the doctor’s office!

These are just a few great safety tips for you when you’re hanging lights this year:

  • When hanging inside lights, whether on the tree, in windows or around doorways, always use an approved step ladder instead of a chair.
  • If you’re hanging lights around a door, either make sure the door is open or you hang a sign on the door so someone won’t open it and knock you off the step ladder.
  • When hanging outdoor lights on eaves or other high areas, make sure the base of your extension ladder is one foot away from the wall for every 4 feet it is extended.
  • Do NOT lean far outside of the ladder rails as this makes the ladder very unstable. Reposition the ladder instead.

Regardless of all the precautions you take, sometimes things still happen and having a great homeowners insurance policy in place gives you a financial safety net to fall into. Fullhart Insurance Agency, with offices in Oregon, can help you make sure your homeowners policies are up to date and that you have the coverages you need to stay fiscally protected. If you’re not sure about your homeowners insurance, giving them a call today can ensure you have a safe and happy holidays!

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