Deadlines are Looming for the Health Care Reform Act

Affordable Care Act, getting covered in Oregon The Health Care Reform act was made into law a few years ago, but was not designed to take effect right away. Instead, deadlines for certain provisions were set in order to ensure that all who were affected had the opportunity to be prepared. What the government didn’t count on was the fact that its own health insurance website would be such a disaster. As a result, some of the deadlines have been changed in order to accommodate more people.

The issues with the website have caused the extension of two deadlines for getting insurance. Those who needed to have health insurance by years end now have until December 23 to get a policy instead of by December 15. Everyone else has a firm deadline of March 31, 2014 to sign up for a policy without incurring a penalty. Anyone who waits until March 31 will get a penalty waiver filed automatically with the IRS.

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