Dewinterizing the Grown-up Toys

motorcoach,motorhome,rvWith spring almost here, it’s time to get excited about using all those toys that you’ve left sitting dormant over the winter.  But before you can take them out to play, you’re going to have to go through a few crucial dewinterizing steps.

Ensure that you clean off the exterior of any RVs, vehicles, or towables that you might use.  Proper brushes, elbow grease, and cleaning agents appropriate to the given surface are a huge help here.  While you clean, check thoroughly for damage the exterior might have sustained over the winter.

Look particularly at seams, vents, roof edges, and awnings.  Ensure that these are all in good condition.

Check and reinstall any batteries in your units (this includes in the smoke detector, Carbon Monoxide detector, etc.)

Clean out fresh water systems (if applicable); ensure that all traces of antifreeze have been flushed. Also clean or repair the filter while you’re at it, and double check all hoses for leaks or puncture.

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