How you Can Stay Fit During the Cold Winter

staying fit in Oregon's winter Winter can be the hardest time of year for you to stay fit. Not only is working out in winter a challenge time-wise, but the cold weather makes it less than ideal for outdoor exercising such as jogging or running. This means your health and fitness routines take a hit unless you can find ways to replace your warm weather workouts with wintertime equivalents.

Here are a few great ideas to help you maintain your fitness program during the winter:

  • Join a gym and take advantage of treadmills, cycles, elliptical machines and weight machines. There are also classes in aerobics and other aerobic style classes as well as yoga and even martial arts. While this doesn’t replace running or jogging outdoors, it can at least help you maintain your routine.
  • Invest in your own equipment. Not only will this help you out during the winter months, but during inclement weather as well.
  • Make time to exercise. This can be a challenge, especially with family or friends in the house, but keeping your routine going through the winter means you don’t have to force yourself back into one come Spring.

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