Liability Insurance and Employment Practices

liability insurance for Oregon business owners Business owners need liability insurance to protect them from various types of financial loss. Liability insurance covers accidents that occur on company property as well as issues that involve employment practices. Unfair employment practices include, but are not limited to sexual harassment lawsuits, unfair termination, breach of contract and false imprisonment.

Liability insurance is designed to cover the above mentioned employment practices and prevents businesses from suffering significant financial losses due to lawsuits brought against the company. Whether the company wins or loses the lawsuit, the legal fees they incur as well as any damages owed to the plaintiff will be covered through the use of liability insurance.

Business owners in Oregon who have questions about what type of liability insurance they need can contact Fullhart Insurance Agency for answers. Commercial insurance that covers employment practices liability can be complicated and somewhat confusing. The company’s reputable agents can explain what it entails and what types of coverage is available for both small and large businesses.

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