Insurance enrollment now only available during special enrollment periods

Portland Special Enrollment PeriodsOpen enrollment for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act has now closed. The final date for open enrollment was March 31, 2014. Missing the deadline means you cannot enroll in a private insurance plan until the next open enrollment period and you may have to pay penalties for not having health insurance coverage. Those wishing to enroll in health insurance must now wait until the next open enrollment period, which is expected sometime around November 2014. Only those who go through select qualifying events will be eligible for special enrollment periods.

Special enrollment periods are available for those who meet certain life events, such as birth of a child, marriage or loss of other health coverage. Those meeting qualifying events must enroll for health insurance through the Marketplace within 60 days of the event. Most employers only allow 30 days after a qualifying event for special enrollment periods.

If you still have questions about health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act or want to find out if your life event qualifies you for the special enrollment periods in Oregon contact the Fullhart Insurance Agency.

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