Properly Insuring your In-Home Business

getty-medium-getty-3218-120909072-jpgMore Americans than ever are choosing to work from home by operating their own in-home business enterprise. 

However, just because you are free to spend the day writing reports and taking conference calls in your pajamas does not mean you should skip business insurance.

While many in-home business owners believe they are protected through their homeowners insurance, this is not always the case. For instance, if you are sued by a client who visits your home office, your homeowners insurance may not offer much if any liability protection.

Meanwhile, basic homeowners insurance does not replace your income if you are forced to shut down temporarily. Business insurance, on the other hand, can do that for you.

It is likely you need business insurance if you work from home regularly, host client meetings at your home office or keep business data, whether printed or on a hard drive, at your home office.

If you live in Oregon, contact Fullhart Insurance Agency to find out how business insurance can help your business succeed.

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