Oregon Homeowners Insurance - Fullhart InsuranceThere are many factors that go into deciding the premium costs of homeowners insurance. The age and condition of the home play a big role, and there are times when a home is in especially bad shape that an insurance company will refuse to provide coverage at all. For those who buy older, “fixer uppers” this can be a problem, especially at first.

When an insurance company sees that efforts have not been made to maintain and improve a home, pride of ownership comes into question. To most Americans, home ownership is a core part of the American Dream, and something to strive for even when the housing market is less than ideal. But when one owner “lets their home go,” the next owner has a lot to prove in order to get a good rate on their insurance.  By putting real time and effort into a fixer upper and turning it into a home worthy of pride, homeowners can transform a hard to insure home. When that happens, their homeowners insurance policy deserves a second look, and often a lower premium.

Since 1966, Fullhart Insurance Agency has helped Oregon residents find the insurance coverage they need for a variety of different policies. As an independent agency with offices in Oregon, Fullhart is able to introduce customers to many different policies that are best suited to their situation. And because of their connections, customers save time and money whether they are signing up for their first policy, or are looking to have their home insurance re-evaluated after proving pride of ownership in their home. To learn more about how bettering your circumstances can help you obtain better and more affordable coverage, contact Fullhart Insurance Agency today.

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