Where and How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is over and you’re left with holiday decorations to be stored and packed away as well as a Christmas tree that you have no idea what to do with. Luckily, disposing of your Christmas tree is actually pretty easy! getty-medium-getty-3218-121337766-jpgHere are a few ways you can get rid of your Christmas tree in the Portland area:

  1. Take It Curbside – Many communities offer a yard debris collection service. For Tigard, you can simply cut your tree in lengths that will fit in your debris container (and this is free). Make sure that your roll cart still weights under 100 pounds. Extra bundles are $3.75 (limbs wrapped with rope, string, etc.). Trees under and taller than eight feet may be charged a $4 and $6 fee respectively.
  2. Boy Scout Troop 423 Tree Recycling – In many areas throughout Portland and the metro area, the Boy Scouts are taking tree donations. There is also an online form that can be filled out for pick-up.
  3. McFarlane’s Bank – For a $3 fee per tree, you can donate your tree.
  4. Westminster Presbyterian Church Senior High Youth Group – This search will be accepting and disposing of Christmas trees on January 5th.

We, at Fullhart Insurance Agency, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. It’s almost the New Year, so be sure to contact us to schedule a review of your current Oregon insurance policies!

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