From office worker’s pinched nerves to factory line worker’s broken bones, there are workplace dangers in every job. While each place of employment has its own inherent dangers, there are some universal workplacegetty-medium-getty-3218-159449972-jpg safety tips that apply to your business whatever it may be.

  • Train all new employees in workplace safety, no matter what position they’re filling. When team members get promoted and perform new job duties, give them a new training session to cover any new situations that may arise.
  • Make surprise safety inspections when workers least expect them: shift beginning, shift end, right before lunch.
  • Make the consequences of breaking safety rules clear and immediate. Safety is not a joke, and those breaking the rules are not just “goofing around.”
  • Retrain all workers on an annual basis. Cover any workplace injuries in these retraining sessions, and discuss how they could have been prevented.

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