Try out these tips to get moving!

While most people understand the importance of getting enough physical activity, it can be difficult to get all the exercise we need to stay healthy.  This is especially true for people who work desk jobs.  However, there are things that you can do to fight against sitting for 40 hours a week.  Try out these tips to help you get active.

Change Your Work Habits

While you might have a daily work routine that you like to stick to, there are little changes you can make to incorporate more physical activity into your life.  For instance, if you take the elevator to get to your office, try taking the stairs instead.  Additionally, if you often drive to a lunch spot near your office, try walking there instead.  These small changes can have a considerable impact on your health.

Recruit a Friend

When you are trying to be more active, it can be difficult to stick to your goals.  That’s why you should recruit a friend or coworker to get active with you.  Not only with your friend keep you accountable, but having company will also make physical activities much more enjoyable.

Work Out After Work

While you might be exhausted after a long day of work, try not to flop onto the couch as soon as you get home.  Instead, do your best to squeeze in a little exercise.  You don’t need to hit the gym for three hours.  Simply walking your dogs, going for a quick jog, or doing some yoga in your living room is enough to get your heart pumping.

Try out these tips to combat the effects of sitting all day.  Want another way to take care of your health?  Make sure you have the right health insurance to address all your needs.  For assistance with your insurance, contact the professionals at Fullhart Insurance Agency.  Serving all of Waldport, Reedsport, Sisters, and Tigard, Oregon, and the surrounding areas, we serve all your personal and commercial insurance needs.

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