Creative Office Space Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Consider these office space alternatives.

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to your business.  One of the luxuries that you have is the ability to work from almost everywhere.  If you do not want to rent a space, here are some other office solutions that you should consider.

Public Library

While this might not seem the best option, there are some serious benefits to working in the library.  For instance, libraries are places of quiet.  This is great if you are the type of person who is easily distracted.  If you have some serious work to do and can’t afford any distractions, the library presents an attractive option.  Another positive of libraries is that they are free.  No one is going to bother you for spending long hours camped at a table, and there’s no obligation to purchase something to stay.

Coffeehouse or Café

Now that many coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi to their patrons, you have the opportunity to work at your local café.  If you often need to meet people for business purposes, then a café makes a great spot for a casual meeting.  However, there are some cons to working at a café.  For instance, this is only a good option for people who can work well amidst noise and commotion.  Another downside is that you need to buy something to be able to hang around.  While a couple cups of coffee doesn’t seem extravagant, this expense could add up.  Additionally, you might face annoyed customers or workers if you hog a spot during busy times.


Working from home is the most obvious solution for most entrepreneurs.  It’s quiet, free of change, and under your control.  However, many people struggle to work from home due to all the distractions that surround them.  For instance, it can be hard to focus on your business’s financial report when you have a stack of unpaid bills resting on the kitchen table.  However, if you are able to block out these distractions, then working from home is a convenient solution to your office space problem.

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