Homeowners Insurance

Your home is your refuge; providing you shelter and safety.

It only makes sense that you protect it with homeowners insurance or renters insurance. There are a couple of important things to keep in mind with home insurance. First, your lender will require you to have home insurance if you are still paying for your house. Also, homeowners insurance is intended to cover unexpected damage, not routine maintenance. As some of your largest investments, your house and the possessions inside it need the best coverage you can find. Let us do the legwork for you.

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Property or dwelling coverage helps to repair or replace your home if it is damaged or destroyed by a fire or natural disaster. Certain parts of your home insurance policy, such as personal liability and medical coverage, help cover expenses in the event that a guest is injured in your home. Homeowners insurance also comes in handy if you are a victim of theft or vandalism, reimbursing you for your loss or paying for repairs.

Personal property insurance is a specific part of your homeowners or renters insurance policy designed to cover furniture, clothing, sports equipment, and other items that are important to you. Additional coverage, called scheduled personal property insurance, covers things such as jewelry, art, antiques, fine art and other collectibles at an agreed value.

Additional living expenses coverage often covers up to an certain length of time or dollar amount of living expenses if you are unable to live in your home while it is being repaired or rebuilt.

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