Find out what commercial umbrella insurance can do for your business.

If you own a small business, you should do everything in your power to keep it safe.  While having standard commercial coverage is a great place to start, this coverage might not be enough.  If you are worried about gaps in your small business insurance, consider investing in a commercial umbrella policy.  Here’s what you need to know about umbrella insurance for your business.

What is it?

Commercial umbrella insurance provides businesses with excess liability coverage to help them protect against particularly extensive claims.  If your business faces a claim that exceeds the coverage limits of its standard liability policies, umbrella insurance will provide an additional layer of coverage.  Basically, if a claim exceeds your coverage limits, umbrella insurance will kick in and cover what your standard policies cannot.

What does it cover?

As previously mentioned, commercial umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage for your business.  For instance, if customers slipped and injured themselves while on your business’s property, this could result in a liability claim.  However, if the injured customer’s medical costs exceeded the coverage limits offered under your standard liability policy, umbrella insurance would step in and cover the rest of the injured party’s expenses.

Do I really need it?

While commercial umbrella insurance is not a mandatory type of coverage, it is still a policy you should seriously consider.  If you fear that you might have coverage gaps, having umbrella insurance is the best way to fill these gaps.  Ultimately, if you want to be sure that your business has the comprehensive coverage that it needs, you should get an umbrella policy.

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